Monday, January 3, 2011

A Favorite Stop Over - Venice, Florida

Shore Transportation - Boat Bikes
Sailor-Cruisers have two concerns - waiting for a weather window for a comfortable sail and looking for a place to do the laundry.  The first has been a challenge for the last two weeks, as the various fronts have moved through on a 3 to 4 day cycle.  The second has been solved more easily on a weekly to ten day basis. During our New Year Holiday stay in Venice we biked, met a charming couple on a C470 from Sarasota and shared an evening libation, watched the anhingas and cormorants dive along the south jetty and enjoyed a light supper at the Crows Nest Tavern. Today, January 3rd, we awoke to fog, but expect it to lift by mid morning, followed by north to northwest winds 10-15, perfect for our day-sail down to Pelican Bay, just inside the Boca Grande Channel in Pine Island Sound.  The loose plan is to anchor for several days, exploring the coastal islands, fishing, reading and Gulf Coast beach walking.  After that the weather will send us to the Isles Yacht Club to wait out the next weather front and do the laundry!

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